Recently, Chen Minhui, President of the Hong Kong E-Cigarette Association, said in an interview with the media that the E-Cigarette Association would strive to reopen e-cigarettes in Hong Kong and adopt new national standard products in line with the mainland.

He believes Hong Kong could follow the national policy of selling pure tobacco flavored disposable vape.


Hong Kong is one of more than 40 countries and regions in the world that strictly prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes. For a long time, many organizations in Hong Kong have promoted the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes. The main purpose is to protect the health of young people and control the spread of tobacco products.

The transhipment ban has resulted in Hong Kong losing a large chunk of its re-transit trade revenue.

After the above ban was issued, according to a survey of members of the Hong Kong Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association (HAFFA), 330000 tons of air cargo are affected by the ban every year, and the value of transit cargo is estimated to exceed 120 billion yuan.

Recently, some media reported that Hong Kong may lift the ban before the end of the year to promote the growth of government revenue. However, Chen Minhui believes that, based on Hong Kong’s legislative process, the lifting of the ban will take effect as soon as half a year.

 Chen Minhui believes that there are more than 600 domestic e-cigarette enterprises with production licenses, and only 35 white listed enterprises. Hong Kong may be the first choice for the remaining 500 manufacturers.


After the ban was lifted, Chan said there were two ways to deal with the problem of e-cigarettes landing in Hong Kong and then flowing into the mainland and spawning a black market.



Post time: Nov-22-2022