Many people who are new to vaping will be wondering about the atomizer. What does it do in vaping, and what does it do without it? Let me tell you that the atomizer is an important part of the e-cigarette, is the carrier of the oil, is the improvement and upgrade of the old e-cigarette “cartridge” part of the product, through the support of the e-cigarette output equipment on the oil heating atomizer,and then it has smoking.E-cigarettes don’t work properly without an atomizer. 

The working principle of all atomizers is the same. The heating coil (or atomizer coil) in the atomizer is heated through the power supply of the battery cell, and the heating coil heats up. The smoky oil adsorbed on the oil wool outside (or inside) of the coil is evaporated, and then the atomized smoke is taken away through the airflow inhaled by the user.  Any change in one of these points will affect the taste of the atomizer. 

Atomizers are divided into two categories according to the characteristics of their atomizing cores.

1.Finished atomizer, Because it uses the discarded finished heating core matching with the atomizer, it is called the finished atomizer (mostly oil storage atomizer).  Generally not equipped with DIY base (some products are equipped with DIY components), and the finished heating core due to its structural problems, although can be reset, but the reset effect is generally difficult to reach the original effect, and it takes a long time. 

2.RBA atomizer is also known as rebuild atomizer. It’s not equipped with finished Atomizer coil. Players need to wind the heating coil, install the heating coil and oil guide cotton by themselves. According to its structure, it can be divided into three Types: RTA,RDA and RDTA.

RTA stands simply for rebuildable tank atomizer.The main difference between RTA vaping and RDA atomizers is that RTAs have a tank that holds your e-liquid.

RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer.

RDTA stands for rebuildable dripping tank atomizer, and advanced device for heating your e liquid to transform it into vapour. 

Post time: Oct-25-2022