《CHINA TIMES》Reporter visited e-cigarette offline stores and contact online wechat business, sales staff all said that there will be no flavor e-cigarettes for sale after October, manufacturers have also stopped production, they’re selling their stocks now.

The reporter observed in the store, some of the best-selling flavors have been out of stock.  Some brand’s managers told reporter that the China vape policy is hitting the whole industry now, some smaller manufacturers have been closed due to this China e cigarette policy. 

It is not that export can be solved, but also need meet regulatory problems, and some countries are even more strict. 

According to data from the 《2021 E-Cigarette Industry Blue Book》, the top three destinations of China’s e-cigarette exports are the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Russia, accounting for 53%, 22% and 9%, respectively.  The United States, which has the highest share of e-cigarettes, banned the sale of flavored, closed e-cigarettes popular with teenagers as early as February 2020.

Vape brand need apply for PMTA before e cigarette marketing by the FDA. The PMTA assessment in the USA determines whether e cigarette brands can continue to sell e cigarettes in the USA. Malaysia, Thailand,Egypt and other countries are also adjusting their regulations on e cigarettes.

More than 40 countries, such as Brazil, Singapore and India, have clearly legislated or formally announced the ban on the sale of e cigarettes. More than 95% of the world’s e-cigarette production and products come from China, and 70% of China comes from SHENZHEN. In the past 40% of e cig exports were shipped from SHENZHEN to HONGKONG and then go to other countries. But HONGKONG has announced a ban since May. In this situation,most of factories choose KOREA lines to export vapes now.

Post time: Aug-02-2022