The main ingredients of e juice are PG( propylene glycol),VG( vegetable glycerin),essence,nicotine/ nicotine salt. 

Propylene glycol (PG) is a common drug and food addictive, a hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless transparent liquid.It is mainly used as the carrier of flavors to increase the taste of tobacco oil and produce some sense of throat attack. PG is generally safe to human,but still has side effect to very small number of people with throat discomfort,phlegm,allergy etc. More percentage of PG will make the liquid stronger sense of throat attack.It is also used on drugs,food,leverages,flavor and fragrance,food addictive,makeup,chemicals for daily use

Vegetable glycerin(VG),similar to PG,is a widely used material in daily life. You will find it on the package of makeups,foods, wine, and sugar. The people who are fond of sweet foods take many VG. And these foods contain glycerin: bread, cake, gummy candy, juice, fruit vinegar, wine, liquor, preserved fruit, fruit cake etc.

Essences are very important to the e juice,they are the spirit. the essences determine the flavors of the e liquid. Various combs of different essences with different percentages make hundreds of e juice flavors. Even the general e liquid flavor, the formula is complicated. Some special essence,such as mint, has sense of throat attack.

Nicotine, the main function is to relieve smoke addiction and make sense of throat attack,and improve the taste at some degree. People is scared to discuss nicotine,thinking it highly toxic.Actually it contains nicotine solution, and the concentration is not high. For nearly one hundred years,death and cancer have been considered to be related to nicotine, now many specialists corrected it,actually the nicotine within tobacco has little harm,the real factor causing cancers is smoke tar, carbon monoxide and more than 4000 kinds of harmful or radioactive substances. Nicotine exists not only in tobacco leaves,but also in many fruits of solanaceae plants, such as tomatoes,wolf berries and. 

The e juice from formal manufacturers are compliant to regulation and produced with food grade materials,so they are safe and healthy,and the ingredients are widely used in the daily life products-such as makeups,lipsticks,cakes,cookies etc.

The E juice of our Moci–2500 puffs disposable vape are all from the certificated manufacturer,so they are not only tasteful, but also safe, healthy and reliable.

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Post time: Nov-15-2022