According to Vaping 360,it was shown that American teenage vapers nosed down in the sampling survey of 2021, but subsequently the official interpreted that the outcome is unreliable because more than half survey was through internet at home instead of school.This year what excuses CDC and CTP will have?since the numbers of school vape consumers hardly increased from 2021, while the vaper number of teenagers of 2022 remains much lower than 2022,which is 29% lower than the peak number in 2019.

Actually the percentage of reported high-school students that vapes within 30 days in 2022 is a little lower than that in 2021(14.% vs 15%)

The outcome of 2022 was published Today in CDC’s MMWR, the survey was executed during Jan 18 and May 31 by CDC and FDA,the respondents are American high school students,and the complete outcome will be published at the end of the year.

According to the report.the number of high school students vaping nosed down by 51% from 51%. and the daily consumption is very low as well,in 2022 only 2.59% students used vape within 30 days,and 90.6% never used vapes
However,it is not what FDA and CDC want to boast,on the contrary, they are worry about the outcome,and they emphasized that vape device is the main reason that lead teenagers smoke.and FDA never release licence of flavor disposable vape except tobacco.

Fruit flavor disposable vapes are in the lead. About 85% teenage vapers noted that they used disposable vapes except tobacco flavor, it’s not surprising,flavors are the primary option of vapers of all ages,and minors are not captious, there are at least 3 years before they can buy vape device legally. While the exact flavor does not matter much,since only 22.3% NYTS participants chose flavor as the reason to use vape,56.1% are because of curiosity.

Based on the market situation in USA and China, fruit flavor disposable is banned, while the production capacity is not badly cut off, so the competition of flavor disposable will be more fierce.Maybe the practitioner of CBD device such as CBD 510 battery, CBD cartridge, disposable CBD vape and CBD atomizers will live better.

Post time: Oct-08-2022