Various and novel flavors have been always what attract the vapers, while after the national injunction, e cigarette market are changing.

On Mar 11, China Tobacco promulgated <Electronic Cigarette Management Measures>,banning any other flavors except tobacco flavor. On April 8,State Administration of market supervision issued national standards-GB 41700-2022 for e cigarette, which restrict the flavors of e cigarette and the standards be effective from Oct 1,after interim of 5 months.

How do the new standards affect E cig market?

At first, flavor vapes stock decrease with soaring prices,it was reported that there have been a momentary price inflation in March, the rate differed from 20% to 30% according to flavors but they resume back to original prices in of the store owner in Beijing said “the prices are bound to rise in July end since production of many flavors will be stopped.

Before Interim with 3 bans had been set:no investment to new e cigarette enterprises are allowed temporarily,no enlarging of existing e cig enterprise are allowed;no new retailing points are allowed.many retailers said: it’s hard to purchase, and the prices soared.

Mean while, flavor restriction dissuaded some vapers. According to the previous figures,tobacco flavor is the least popular of retailer noted. Fruit flavors sold much more better than tobacco flavor,more than 80% customers had been attracted by the fruit tastes, the vaper that never tasted tobacco won’t be used to tobacco,and the existing paper tobacco consumers don’t approve of tobacco taste vape. “tobacco taste is hard to imitate” one vaper said”tobacco flavor tastes more cookie than tobacco”one of the professional regulator acknowledged, the increased price would dissuade the juvenile, at the same time,taste restriction will reduce the inducement to non-smokers.

Exact effect of restriction remains to be observed.

In recent years. more and more regulations have been introduced to standardize the local e cigarette market.however,it’s hard to decide whether the regulations can standardize the market at this moment.anyway, the industry have bee in a new stage, the restriction would change the production schedule of the manufacturer ,the promotion strategy of distributors or resellers and the habits of consumers as well.

Post time: Aug-18-2022