It is concerned that, compliance period of law enforcement is coming,e cigarette store owners summarized up the 10 taboos that insiders should be avoid in China local market:

1.Selling vapes to minors.

It is emphasized in many occasions,such activities will cause licence being revoked with big fines. Half million RMB will be fined if tobacco (e cigarette included) is sold to minors in Gansu. Everyone knows this, but it’s hard to recognize whether the buyers are adult, and ID should be shown.and the mark of “Prohibited to sell cigarettes ( including vapes) to minors” should be put at the conspicuous positions.

2.Selling e cigarette on net.

The regulations states clearly that “ban to sell e cig via internet except ‘electronic cigarette unified trading platform’”. it was stated clearly that no licence can be re-applied within 3 year after it is punished.

3.Taking products from distributors.

Only the ‘electronic cigarette unified trading platform’ is the sole legal platform to purchase from ,,and the province branch offices of China Tobacco are sole the legal distributors.

4.Selling vapes that are not compliant to National Standards.

The Vapes that don’t pass the test and approval can’t be sold after Oct 1

5.Selling e cigarettes without licence.

6.Posting advertisement of E cigarette.

It is stated clearly that No adv can be posted via mass media or at public places,public transportation, and outdoors–including light boxes, display stands.

7.Selling e cigarette via vending machines.

8.Controlling the quantity of shipping e cigarettes via expresses.

No matter shipping via express or carrying on,the quantity is controlled, for examples, the maximum of shipping via express is 10 cartridges.

9.Selling fake and of poor quality e cigarettes.

The main method is to crack down illegal e cigarettes.

10.Only selling one brand in one store

Such exclusive operation is prohibited, that means your store can’t only sell sole brand, otherwise it will be illegal.

Just want to remind is that all the e cigarette or vape that above mentioned are all disposable e liquids. Has no business with the refillable vapes, such as oils or concentrates of CBD or THC,which are illegal in China.

Post time: Sep-21-2022