Reported by Bluehole New Consumer on Aug 29, according to a oversea report, the record-breaking 4.3 million people are using E cigarettes. At present, about 8.3 percent adult of England Welsh and Scotland use vape regularly, while the figure is 1.7% 10 years ago (about 800 thousand)

“ A revolution is under the way” says ASH, who posted the report. What the people inhale is nicotine in stead of smoke oil

NHS said,Neither tar occur nor carbon monoxide will occur from vape, so the risk is much lower than smoking cigarette.

E liquid or vaporizer still contain some harmful substance, but the content percentage is much lower. While the long-term affects of vaping is still unknown.

ASH reported that about 2.4 million vapers are former smokers, 1.5 million are still smoking cigarette, about 350 thousand never smoked cigarettes.however, about 28% smokers said that they never tried e cigarette because they are worried about the safety of e cig. One fifth former smokers said, vaping can give up habits of smoking cigarette. It seems that the statement comply with more evidence –saying that vape can help people quit smoking, most vapers have used refillable open e cigarette,while it seems that the disposable vape consumption increased–ratio from 2.3% of last year to 15% of this seems that this has been promoted by the youth, about half of 18 to 24 youth said that they have used such devices. YouGov reports that fruit and menthol are the two most popular flavors after its investigation on 13000 adults.

“there is a need for the administration to have a improved strategy to reduce smoking consumption, ASH said.Hazel Cheeseman ,deputy director of ASH continued “the figure of e cig consumers are 5 times of that in 2012, millions of people take it as a part of quit smocking.however, it haven’t always effective to everyone.only half of the triers stopped smoking,while 28% never tried.administration hope e cigarette revolution can realize their target–no smoke country by 2030, but it is not enough,we need an all-round plan to help all smokers.

Post time: Aug-31-2022