Everyone hope the new products can be launched asap, the salespersons will have better performance, engineers will release from the heavy work of experiments,company will benefit from the turnover, and buyers will have more new arrivals to sell.

But for the long-term view,perfection matters same as the speed rate,at the same time we have to avoid perfectionism. So it’s crucial to balance them.

We can find that Pluto management is the guru to balance them from the progresses of developing the two new models– Goopen and Pluto-one

Goopen– disposable cbd pod with rechargeable Li battery,and the voltage is adjustable.the key features are: detachable battery and e-juice tank (can save cost and keep convenient),rechargeable li battery with adjustable voltages. But we must avoid the headache pits of disposable vape–leakage and overheating . When the liquid oil is too thin and flow fast, too much oil pour into the vaporizer,leakage occurs,while if the oil is too thick, it leads to a manufacturer of cbd device, we can’t decide the thickness of the oil,what we can do is bring more options for the diameter of vaporizers–1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 even 2.0, we have so many options that there is bound one that fit the Viscosity of buyers’ oil. So whatever how long it will take, we will have find enough options for the vaporizer diameter

Pluto one–detachable disposable e juice, the key features includes: the juice tank is detachable to the rechargeable Li battery,the tank will be disposed when e-juice is used-up while battery will be re-used for next tanks, and the tank is linked with the battery with magnets; since we have been in the business of vape batteries for more than 10 years, everything goes smoothly on the battery part, while it’s the 1st time for us to develop disposable vape,we are new on the e juice and tanks. While the juice taste is crucial to the disposable we will pay much more time on the juice taste and the tank, no matter how long it will take.

It can be concluded when develop new products, that perfection matters on the key features or the field that we are not familiar to, while the rates of speed matters more on the area that are not crucial and can be improved later.


Post time: Aug-25-2022