CBD oil and CBD tincture are both liquid formulations that contain CBD derived from the hemp plant. While these two terms are often used interchangeably, it’s essential to know that these two products are not the same.、CBD Tinctures are administered by using a dropper to deliver drops sublingually (under the tongue) as the area under your tongue contains a rich source of blood vessels.

Sublingual administration allows the CBD to travel through these blood vessels,bypassing the gut and liver and fascinating the rapid absorption of the CBD into the bloodstream. Ideally, the tincture should be held under the tongue for 90 seconds to two minutes to allow it to be absorbed effectively.

CBD oil is versatile and can work in or on the body in several ways.

Like a tincture, it can be placed under the tongue using the sublingual method.  Additionally, since most commercial CBD brands manufacture CBD oil with a pleasant flavor, it can also be added to food or drinks.  And while it is designed primarily for oral or sublingual use, CBD oil can also be administered topically to the skin to help with things like nerve pain, arthritic pain, post-exercise soreness, and other ailments.

For example, some people like to blend CBD oil with their coffee, or fill the CBD oil into cartridges and vaping. Here is Pluto patent design of some cbd oil devices for your choose as follows:

  1. Pluto UBOX mini CBD battery(510 threading).
  2. Pluto Mini Duo device(magnet design)
  3. Pluto Goopen 2ml (Disposable 2ML CBD oil Vape)
  4. Pluto HydroBubbler Cartridge device
  5. 510 Slim Vape pen (Autodraw & manual vaping –2 in1)
  6. Pluto Mibox Dial voltages cartridge battery (Autodraw & manual vaping –2 in1)

We will have We can provide OEM/ODM service to all, if you’re interested in which one, please contact us. We will have new cbd cartridge devices soon,please follow us to get update news.

Post time: Nov-21-2022