According to foreign reports, football fans from all over the world will go to Qatar to watch the World Cup. However, when they arrive in this small Arab country, football fans who hope to use electronic cigarettes will be suddenly awakened. Like many bans prevalent elsewhere in the world, Qatar does not allow the use of electronic cigarettes.
This year, 32 teams were qualified to participate in the first World Cup held in Arab countries through regional qualifiers. The game starts from the group playoffs on Sunday, November 20, and continues until December 18, when the championship will be held.
Qatar completely prohibits electronic cigarette products,such as cartridge,vape pen,disposable vape,They cannot be imported, sold, purchased, used or even owned. Products carried by passengers may be confiscated by the customs at the time of entry. Although officials may simply confiscate and dispose of these products, foreign tourists may also be subject to criminal charges for possessing or importing them.
Any violation of the country’s strict ban on electronic cigarettes could result in a fine of up to $2700 or imprisonment of up to three months.
In an unfortunate publicity stunt, a British electronic cigarette oil manufacturer proposed to pay fines to British electronic cigarette users who were punished by the Qatari court for smoking electronic cigarettes. Their propaganda promises to compensate for any fines incurred – but does not explain how they will compensate for imprisonment.
Of course, cigarettes are legal in Qatar. In fact, more than 25% of Qatari men smoke, and cigarette use among them seems to be on the rise.
Compared with the high smoking rate of men, only 0.6% of women in Qatar smoke. This difference is not uncommon in countries where women’s rights and freedoms are restricted by authoritarian patriarchy.
It was reported today that Qatar banned the sale of beer and other alcoholic beverages in the country’s eight World Cup stadiums.

Post time: Nov-24-2022