To manage and avoid vape flooding in local market, State Tobacco Monopoly Administration investigate and issue licenses to the companies that pass its inspection.

From early of May, STMA called together the heads of every tobacco related companies to have several meeting, the heads have been asked to provide some information –to testify the final market of the products every company produced.

It was said that the check began with companies that manufacture or sale products with nicotine, such as e-liquid and e-juice, then the companies having business with nicotine devices.

As a business in the sector for more than 10 years, Shenzhen Pluto have been involved in from the very beginning, but our business focus on CBD device, so STMA sent persons to check our company on Jul 11, and everything goes well. It is scheduled by the end of July to decide when we will get the license.

Some expert said that this new regulation will have great impact on the vape sect. There will be a list in STMA, only the companies on the list will be permitted to continue the vape business. So designation, production, and selling of vape will be concentrated to the companies on the list.

It’s too early to foresee how the price will be affected, but it is bound that the quality will be more reliable and the fraud products will decrease—according to the expert, the STMA’s original purpose is to monitor  vape related companies in Shenzhen (the biggest base of manufacturing vapes in world)—to avoid the vape flow to local market without its permission—the tobacco business is monopolized by STMA in China. But definitely the process will have prolonged affects on the business.

This will be positive to Pluto, since as a designing and manufacturing company, Pluto has been perplexed by the fraud product for many years, this regulation will be purify the market of Vape, especially CBD devices, such as 510 batteries, mini cbd mod,etc.

Post time: Jul-13-2022