Clutched in their hands and strung around their necks, vapes are the new favorite of many young smokers. Compared to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette has many different flavors for your choose.

《Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes》 have been implemented on 1st of May. National standard for electronic cigarettes will be implemented on 1st of October this year.It has 5 months transitional period of implementation.

Existing e-cigarette production and business entities before November 10th last year Within transitional period, they still can continue to carry out production and business activities. And shall apply for the relevant license and product technical evaluation in accordance with the requirements, carry out the product compliance design, and complete the product transformation. Transitional period will be finished in this 30th September. E cigarette manufacture’s products standard should be reached National standard within transitional period.

The countdown to the implementation of the new rules begins, some Hangzhou smokers said:”Many flavors of tanks or vapes can’t be bought during they’re buying vapes in retail shop now.” Retail shop boss said:”It’s the last batch of flavor tanks for customer’s purchasing.”

Mr.Zhang is 30 years old, and vaping for half of year. He smoked cigarette before, but he transfer to vaping because he saw many friends to vaping. And he found e cigarette has many vape flavors for his choose,such as watermelon, strawberry, banana, mango,grape,etc. it’s really good. Mr.Zhang said:”One box contains 3pcs of tanks, it can be used for half of month. I went to some retail shops to buy cartridges, but no more flavors for choose now, and no my favorite flavors.”

The new regulations are about to be formally implemented. How is the situation of Hangzhou e-cigarette shops now. Reporter reviewed one retail vape shop’s boss. That boss said:”Vape factory didn’t produce flavor tanks now. E cigarette just only one flavor after September 30th —Tobacco flavor.” Many vapers want to buy more flavor tanks for stocking before new rule coming.

Post time: Sep-07-2022