According to the new national standards, there are no fruit-flavored e-cigarettes in the store and will not be sold in the future.”  Yesterday, Chongwenmen Guorui city RLX electronic cigarette counter staff firmly said.  Mandatory national standards for electronic cigarettes have been implemented on 1st October, banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco.  Reporters visited a number of brand counters and collection stores found that the national standard landing a week after the effective, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes have been fully off the shelves.
Grape Ice, Mango, Watermelon Ice,banana Ice,Peach mango guava…… In the past e-cigarette market, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes were the absolute mainstream, especially favored by minors.
《electronic cigarette》Mandatory national standards , from the point of view of strengthening the protection of minors, detailed regulations have been made on the taste, use safety and protection of minors of e-cigarettes. The new National standards make it clear that individuals, legal persons or other organizations without tobacco monopoly licenses are not allowed to carry out e-cigarette-related production and business(Including vape battery,disposable flavor vape, disposable pod device,vape cartridge,flavored vapes
etc.), and the licensed subjects are not allowed to carry out production and business beyond the licensed scope.All fruit-flavored e-cigarettes will be removed from shelves, and the unified national e-cigarette trading management platform will only offer national standard tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes and cigarette sets with child locks.
At the same time, reporters in Tao Bao, Jing Dong electronic cigarettes, such as electric business platform search page will jump straight to prompt interface to inform “any citizens, legal persons or other organizations may not be sold through the information network of tobacco monopoly commodities” or directly show “not found”, search multiple electronic cigarette brand name and “atomizer,cartridge,flavor tank,vape,vaporizer,vape battery,disposable vape manufacture,oil cartridge vapes, vape pod device, etc” keyword search results showed no relevant goods.

Post time: Oct-09-2022