Enclosed e-cigarette is the mainstream type of e-cigarette on the market at present, it is a general term for cartridge changing type vape and disposable vape products.

Because these e-cigarettes adopt a closed system, there is no need to set product parameters, not allowed to disassemble the product randomly and inject the vape oil by themselves, the cartridge is used as disposable use, change after use, similar to this product is called closed e-cigarettes.

The two advantages of closed disposable e-cigarettes as bellow

1.Disposable vape or their cartridges are discarded after being used up. They can not be reused or re-injected with oil. They can only use the soot that has been tested and qualified by the original manufacturer.

The power, battery and voltage of the product have been precisely set before leaving the factory, and there is no need for users to reset, so avoid improper operation, lead to high temperature and generate harmful ingredients.

In the current market, the quality of vape oil is uneven, disposable vape product quality is strictly controlled by formal enterprises, to prevent users from adding ingredients or refitting products randomly. Because formal enterprises pay attention to reputation, market, sales and other reasons, so disposable vape products will be more safe.

2.Normally, disposable vapes are small, lightweight and portable.It is easy to use, and low power, more suitable for public use. Not only that, disposable vape products can also be upgraded with many new function,such as cartridge changing disposable vape, lithium battery with cyclic charging, adjustable smoke amount and other functions which increase the fun of product operation.

The composition of the vaping oil is fixed and controllable, with high safety in the case of limited reuse, and it also has the same product experience as the open e-cigarette.

That’s why the World Health Organization and the Regulation of E-Cigarettes prohibit  self-adding vaping devices. Because the closed disposable vape is not only convenient for the country to reasonably supervise e-cigarette products, but also more controllable in product quality and safety risks.

Compared with cigarettes, e-cigarettes are much less harmful. In addition, the advantages of the closed disposable e-cigarettes with higher security, they have gradually become the preferred product type for many e-cigarette consumers.

Post time: Sep-22-2022