On Aug 29, Shenzhen became one of the 1st batch cities that launched “National unified e cig transaction management platform”.From that day on,all products that passed new national standards would be traded,manufactured,sold through this platform, and would go into a new stage of normal management.

What would change in the end consumption market after the e cigarettes(most are disposable ) that compliant to new National Standards were launched? The popular views are “the sector will be in adjustment,but the future is optimistic”The correspondents visited many store in Shenzhen, some of them already launched products that compliant with new National Standards. Some store owner told us, they purchased products of new standards on Aug 29 and tried selling them, but others thought the market of products of new standards are limited, there would be a period for adapting. “vape consumers fall in 20-35 years old, who preferred to light and cool flavors, while flavors of new standards intimated paper smoke,the flavors were heavier,which would change consumer groups”

In short term, the end consuming market came into adjustment period, the manufacturer that couldn’t make products of new standards will be weeded out.but from the views of middle and long terms, most insiders held optimistic anticipation.Industry experts pointed out. Technology innovation and brand influence will be the core competitive power on the complaint of “little and monotonous flavors”,experts noted this should relate to strict assessing at beginning phase.

“It was definite that the flavor must be tobacco,but tar hardly is produced, so it’s hard to produce the flavor of paper smoke,so it has no way to intimate paper smoker exactly. Mean while,”tobacco flavor” of puff vape need to be realized by tobacco extracts, which may bring in some nitrosamine or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and lead to safety issue.”

The purpose of regulation-on both e cig and paper smoke is to reduce “inducement”,especially the inducement to minors. The discrepancies between brands will narrow due to limitation on flavors,which will lead to more similarity on flavor and style,so the company will have to strive on brand influence and innovation

Another direction is exporting,E cigarette in China have developed a complete industry chain, China is the biggest exporter of e cig, the growth rate is more than 100%,and expect high growth in coming 3 years. The affect of regulation on export is unknown, the administrative should adjust and perfect the regulation to make the industry progress.

Post time: Sep-08-2022