We discussed the main ingredients of e juice in our former article. Now we are talking about the functions and efficacy of those ingredients this time.

Functions and efficacy of PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerin)

VG will atomize once being heated,so VG mainly works as fogging agent. PG will atomize too after being heated,but the efficiency of atomizing is much less, but it can dissolve with nicotine and essences each other,so it normally works as solvent. So most e liquid need PG and VG with some ratio,the most common ratio of e liquid is 5 to 5.

The smoke that e liquid produces is actually fog(very small water drop),different from the tiny granule of tobacco smoke,such tiny water drops are much bigger than the latter,then they will be intercepted by in the nasal and the upper respiratory tract. As for the sense of “entering the lung” of e cigarette, is the sense of smaller gaseous essence entering the lung. Certainly there is still a little fog enters the lung,but the vape fog has little stimulation to our body, it is not as choking as smoke. And such intaken fog will be discharged as sputum, sneeze or nasal mucus through the respiratory system ,but still some will enter the digesting system. 

Functions and efficacy of nicotine

The addiction of traditional smoker can be classified as physiological and psychological. The physiological one is addicted to nicotine,while psychological one is obsessed to the action and rite(ceremony) of “blowing clouds”.while some vapers are used to vaping when work or play games,while such vapes may don’t contain any nicotine,their answers to the question why they use e cigarettes are usually “habitual movement”,”relaxation”,”relief”. So e cigarettes are designed with two kinds: one is with nicotine, another is free of nicotine. Nicotine vape will satisfy the physiological want: the nicotine can be transferred by blood to brain within 10 seconds after it is inhaled,then it make brain produce pleasant and exciting dopamine and other neurotransmitter,this is the mechanism of nicotine addiction. Some people has misunderstanding that the “arch-criminal” of “smoking is harmful” were nicotine,but actually the prime hazard of smoke is tar.

Functions and efficacy of essence

Below are the categories that essence can have functions and efficacy:

  1. fragrance that help us sedate and concentrate the mind
  2. fragrance that help us be peaceful,calm the nerves,relax,sleep peacefully
  3. fragrance that help us to eliminate fear,resist depression
  4. fragrance that help us to be with happy mood, to be exulted, and refresh ourselves
  5. fragrance that help us to be excited and motivated
  6. fragrance that help us to be euphoric and light our mood(expand our mood)
  7. fragrance that help us to dream
  8. fragrance that help to stimulate desire

To be continued…

Post time: Nov-16-2022