cbd cartridge

Nearly everyone pay more attention on the health when chose oil or concentrates of CBD or THC, but which matter most when choose devices of vape?

It depends on how the devices connect with oils or concentrates—does they get direct touch, or just works as facilities of such functions such as heating, containing or if the devices get touch with mouth.

So the cartridges or atomizers matter just next to the oil or concentrates in the importance, since the will contain the oils or concentrates, and the vapers’ mouth will touch the mouthpiece of the cartridges or atomizers. Then it’s crucial to make sure that the tank of cartridge / atomizers are free of heavy metals and the mouthpiece is easy to clean and avoid bacteria—that’s the reason why premium cartridge / atomizers have mouthpiece of glass or ceramics.

While other devices, such as 510 batteries, mods, pods, which functions mainly as power to heat the oil / concentrates to generate smoke. The performance ,safety and cost will matter much more.

Firstly of all ,the batteries should be safe, such as short circuit prevention, and over-heating prevention . then the chip in the battery should have such related functions—short circuit prevention, and auto power off (after 180 seconds or 200 seconds). And then the user concerns that how long can the battery be used after one charge, and how many time can the battery be charged, this relates to the volume of the rechargeable battery and the grade of battery cells. Another elements that matter is the reliability, do the products all work well with their full performance as it declared? How and how long complains can be settled with satisfaction? Then you need consider the affordability, the product doesn’t sell if it exceeds the budgets of your target customers. The factors’ weight differs from one to another, the best way is to weigh the importance of every factor and rank them. Choose the one with highest score.

Post time: Jul-18-2022