All kinds of news are flooding on internet–some with promising forecast because of wider recognition ,while others with gloomy anticipation due to COVID epidemic . And there are all kinds of analyzation on vape trends,some prefer refillable e cig, while others think disposable will flourish. But no one underrate the importance of innovation. 

Many companies mentions innovation everyday,and pour much resources on innovation.But Shenzhen pluto built an unique standards on innovation. 

Our criteria of innovation focus on 3 aspects:Marketable, affordable and sustainable. 

Marketability is the first priority,the product can’t live if it is not recognized by the market. So our R&D have open mind,never evaluate the innovation with their own preference.the only standard to decide if the idea/innovation can be turned into product is market–that’s the reason that we brainstorms every week and so many prototype samples have been produced and distributed to our customers for comments.then we will score and rank every prototype sample accordingly

Vape are FMGG, not luxury goods,so affordability is another key indicator. Although we have high standards on the quality of raw materials, and our core business focus on CBD 510 batteries, we try our best to choose the general components to minimize the cost.the key of this criteria is how to balance the uniqueness of style and generality of components.

Another consideration is sustainability and continuous improvement. Except the products for the niche markets, we always take consideration on the improvability and expandability. When the customers choose our products, and be used to them, they will be familiar to them. So we can improve and upgrade the models when new technology occur. Then product ranges will be built.

Keeping those ideas in our mind,we turns innovation/improving into corporate habits. So innovation/improving can be seen everywhere in our company,although the innovation is not disruptive,even some improving is tiny–such as combining different functions in one product,increasing the convenience/portability . numerous improvements/innovation will make the products outstanding.

Post time: Aug-02-2022