China traditional trade business is hot season on August, it’s important time for becoming World’s main market at this moment.With Christmas day is coming, Yiwu’s Christmas supplies factories also again ushered in rush orders and export shipment peak.  

But recently, Yiwu, known as the “world’s factory”, has been caught in the storm of the epidemic. They produced many different products, including hot products—electronic cigarette, glass water pipe, Quartz Glass Banger,Glass Hookah pipe, herb grinder,etc.

At present, there are 8 high risk areas and 8 medium risk areas in Yiwu city. High risk areas to take lock down measures, stay at home, government workers will provide   service to the door.Medium risk area to take control measures, people can’t go out of the area,people can pick the goods up in different times.

One of Yiwu vape supplier said: “one of his stock can’t send the goods to their customers because his stock is in lock down areas, but lucky he still has some stocks in other area, so those stocks still can send the goods to his customers now ”. Another Yiwu supplier said :”his factory have been stopped to produce now.” Some suppliers said:”Due to the impact of the epidemic, we could not ship the goods to customers in time, and we have been fined by the platform, which is 5% of the order amount  ”.The minimum penalty for a single order is 5 yuan, which is a large burden for non-batch orders of small goods. 

August is the hot season for overseas orders, many factories have got orders about Christmas’s products. Epidemic prevention maybe will disrupt shipping time of the Goods. So some companies have to stop to get the orders, they just want to send out of their current orders ASAP.One supplier said:”their current orders have been full to September, but they can’t finish the orders in time due to epidemic prevention”.

Except Yiwu, the long-term negative impact of the pandemic continues in China, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises capital turnover difficulties. Hopeall will get the better soon.

Post time: Aug-15-2022