A series of vaping-related health problems has put e-cigarettes back in the spotlight. As bad news about e-cigarettes in the United States continues to mount, health regulators around the country are pulling them off the shelves, but there are different views.  For e-cigarettes, smokers in the UK have been encouraged to use them. 

Are e-cigarettes allowed in the UK?

Data show that there are 1.1 billion smokers in the world now.  Among them, 350 million smokers are in China, and the e-cigarette market penetration rate is less than 0.6%.  There are 35 million smokers in the US, and the e-cigarette market penetration rate is 15%.  The UK, with 11 million smokers, has an e-cigarette penetration rate of 35%, the highest in the world. 

NHS England and Public Health English all support to people to vaping.Last year, Public Health England recommended that hospitals sell e-cigarettes directly and provide vape lounges for patients to encourage the switch from traditional cigarette. 

Why is there no negative news about vaping in the UK? 

Public Health England’s Tobacco Control Department says the majority of cases in the US have been linked to the use of illegal e liquid bought or made on the street, often containing cannabis ingredients such as THC.  These products come from the black market and are different with e-cigarettes bought through formal channels. 

In the UK, there are formal and open channels for vape sales, so smokers can easily obtain the e-cigarette products they want.  Such open sales channels, as well as the supportive attitude of the state, have also effectively prevented the formation of a black market in e-cigarettes and greatly eliminated the formation of a black market in undesirable vape products. 

British academics said:” After being used safely by millions of people for more than a decade, liquids containing ordinary water-based nicotine in their vapors have not suddenly become dangerous.”And took issue with the “American vaping scare” : “In this scare, American public health activists are spreading unfounded fears about e-cigarettes.”  It also attributed the “vaping scare” to “a false coalition of anti-smoking groups, quacks and government agencies” spreading fear and disinformation. 

Post time: Oct-31-2022