No matter you are a green-hand or veteran, every CBD consumer has a same we can efficiently take CBD and with most cost efficient way

As you all know, there are various forms for CBD: tinctures, oils,e-liquids, capsules, lotions,wax,concentrate etc.and there are more methods to take the CBD. You may don’t concern on the forms of CBD and types of consuming,but I think you should concern the most efficient and convenient way to take CBD.Here I will list the method of using CBD with detail figures, you can compare and choose.

  1. Oral Consumption, that means take CBD through your mouth,the CBD forms include CBD capsules,CBD edibles and CBD beverages, the substance will have to pass through our metabolic and digestive systems,which will filter a large portion of CBD, one study of 2009 reported 4%~20% CBD will be absorbed by our body.
  2. Sublingual Consumption, when a substance is put at sublingual gland,it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream,which is referred to as sublingual administration.the CBD for includes CBD tinctures,CBD lozenges and CBD sprays. This is a direct way, so the reported absorbing rates will be much higher than oral consumption,and reaches 12%~35%.
  3. Vaporized consumption, the method is easy, just inhale CBD directly into the lungs,using vaporizer device,it usually includes a CBD 510 battery(just to provide power to vapor the CBD) and CBD cartridge(for CBD oil) or CBD atomizer(for CBD wax or other concentrates). After entering the lungs, the CBD can quickly and directly enter the bloodstream,which badly decrease the breakdown rates and increase efficiency.the reported rate is 34%~46%,and some even reporting up to 56%. 

To make the figure more comparative effect, we will make an example:

You want to or need absorb 1000 mg(100%)CBD per month, then you need consume

  1. 5000-25000 mg CBD(100% CBD quantity,the quantity will be numerous if you use beverage) if you consume via oral;
  2. 2857-8333mg(100% CBD quantity,the figure will be much bigger if you calculated into tincture or spray form)if you choose sublingual way
  3. 2174-2942mg(100% CBD quantity,the figure will be bigger if calculated to CBD oil or wax) in vaporizing way

We can conclude that vaporizing is the most efficient way,by the way it is the quickest way to absorb CBD as well


Post time: Oct-18-2022